Mini Horses, Mighty Hearts



We are A lot Alike!
At leasT in some ways

Edward and I are brothers. We were adopted years apart but feel like we’ve been together forever. We love to play hard­­­—check out our video and you’ll see. Two years ago, we got a job making people happy. Bet you’re asking what kind of job that is. That’s all part of our story, one of adventures that are fun, exciting, sometimes scary, sad, and challenging. Wait until you read the chapter on our great escape!

When a new person adopted us, she thought we needed to learn new manners. We didn’t think so, but since she did, we learned and spent a lot of time practicing to pass tests to be hired. Now we ride in our trailer, traveling to new places where we meet animals and people who need a little happiness in their lives. Like you we keep learning and branching out in the world.

Read more about us and meet some of our friends by clicking on the picture of us below. To meet our human, click on the picture of her with us where we’re doing what we love best – eating.

Please read our book and let us know what you think. What about you is just like us? What is different? What is your favorite adventure?

We’d like to read about you, so please write us by clicking here it will take you to our Contact Page.

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Mini Horses, Mighty Hearts

Rootbeer & Edward

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