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and it’s all about us, Rootbeer and Edward,
and our animal and human friends.

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Follow Mini Horses, Rootbeer & Edward, on their Adventures!


Rootbeer & Edward, two adopted miniature horses, are "brothers." Teen-agers, these two handsome geldings play hard and work hard. Playing comes naturally and they love bringing joy to others. After some training they added an important job to their happy lives. In their work life they bring smiles to people, particularly children and teens in special circumstances and senior citizens.

Through the Pet Encounter Therapy program at Helen Woodward Animal Center, Rootbeer & Edward travel to facilities around San Diego County, bringing joy everywhere they go.

An Appaloosa, Rootbeer is 15 years old, a bit of a worrier, but a gentle old soul. He stands 34 inches at the withers - the base of his neck where it meets his back. Edward is solid black with a luxurious long and full mane and tail. He is 31 inches tall, 16 years old, a feisty imp, full of fun. Although Edward is the oldest, Rootbeer is the "boss" of the pair.




Find out how Rootbeer & Edward met their owner, Rene, and learn a bit about their personalities too.

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Mini Horses, Mighty Hearts

Rootbeer & Edward

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