Mini Horses, Mighty Hearts



We Hope You’ll Read Our Book and Here’s Why

Edward and I are adopted brothers who consider ourselves full brothers. We’re teenagers and pretty handsome – so people tell us – who love to play hard and have learned the joy of working hard. Playing? Check our video. Working? Well, that’s another part of our story and full of adventures of exciting, joyous, kind of sad, and quite exciting. You’ll have to read the chapter on our great escape!

 Before we could work, our new human thought we needed some refinement. We didn’t but she did. Then we had to pass tests and then we could go visit. We learned about people who faced difficulties and needed a little happiness in their lives. Well, we’re little and we think we gave them that happiness, at least their smiles said so.

Read more about us and meet some of our friends by clicking on the picture of us below. For more about Rene, our human and the one who tells our story for us, click on the picture of her with us doing what we love best - eating


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Find out how Rootbeer & Edward met their owner, Rene, and learn a bit about their personalities too.

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Mini Horses, Mighty Hearts

Rootbeer & Edward

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